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Mi -biza Soul Ibiza Rocks Hotel - San Antonio
Standard Room (2 ppl) Keep it simple - Rock Ibiza on a budget, 6m balcony (no pool/stage view) View Room (2 ppl) The headliner - watch the biggest acts or pool action from your balcony, 6m balcony (pool/stage view)
Superior Stage View (2 ppl) The star of the show - stage views and a huge rooftop terrace for private pre=parties, afterparties and sunbathing in between, 18m balcony overlooking the Rocks stage Sold out
One Bed Apartments Perfect choice for small groups, 6m balcony
Rockstar Apartments The ultimate Rocks experience - live life like a Rockstar in the most spacious apartment, 24m balcony Sold out
Self Catering Room (2 ppl) Standard Room (3 ppl) View Room (3 ppl)
Superior Stage View (3 ppl) Sold out
Self Catering Room (3 ppl) Single Occupancy Room